Functions of Committees

Planning and Management Committee Draws up and proposes business plans.
Organization Committee Lays down and revises the articles of incorporation and other rules and regulations.
Finance Committee Proposes budget plans and manages the budgets.
External Evaluation Committee Evaluates the academic and financial aspects of the Association and advises based on the evaluation results.
<Special Committees>
Seminars Committee Plans and operates seminars and symposiums for educational and awareness-raising purposes.
Educational Materials Creation Committee Prepares and revises e-learning materials (CITI Japan etc.) and manages their distribution.
Educational Programs Research Committee Conducts research on educational materials used in Japan and seeks to establish cooperative relationships.
Research Ethics Infrastructure Committee Makes proposals towards the establishment of fundamental principles and on how to match them to evolving research technology.
Domestic Collaboration Committee Explores collaborations with relevant organizations such as government ministries and agencies.
International Exchange Committee Collaborates with overseas organizations and provides educational assistance to countries less aware of research integrity.
Public Relations Committee Creates websites and pamphlets and communicates information to the media.
<Subcommittees> (subordinate to the Seminars Committee and the Educational Materials Creation Committee)
Biomedical Science Subcommittee Provides support to experts involved in seminars and educational material preparations.
Engineering Subcommittee
Humanities and Social Sciences Subcommittee
Subcommittee for Educational Materials on Research Ethics in Secondary Education