Business Descriptions

Specific Activities


  • Expands and deepens the discussion on research ethics by creating opportunities both at home and abroad.
  • Through the discussion, seeks to harmonize the understanding of research ethics in multiple disciplines and looks for consistency in research, education and policies regarding research ethics.

<International Exchange>

  • Plays an active role in exchanging information and opinions on research ethics with overseas organizations at various international forums.


  • Provides support to research on research ethics in Japan and to collaborative research on research ethics with overseas partners.

<Education and Awareness-raising>

  • Creates various learning materials which incorporate the results of the discussion and research and distributes them to educational and research institutions to support their research ethics education.
  • Provides support to educational and research institutions in developing and operating research ethics education programs.

<System Development>

  • Provides advice to government agencies, universities, research institutions and academic societies in developing rules and guidelines.


  • Provides advice on investigation involving research ethics and examination of research misconduct.

<Domestic Awareness-raising>

  • Organizes focus committees on life sciences, physical science, engineering, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines, and hosts symposiums and seminars on research ethics, while inviting experts from home and abroad. In parallel, holds national meetings for promotion of research integrity and exchanges information on research ethics education and prevention of misconduct.